Aquamarine Wire Hoop AA Earring With Silver Tone Charms

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Aquamarine Wire Hoop AA Earring

These Aquamarine Wire Hoop AA Earrings will make you feel anything but blue. These earrings are extremely beautiful and intricately designed. There's a lot going on in them, but that's because they're expressing a lot! These earrings each feature an iconic AA logo charm, indicating that you are part of AA and helping you to feel at one with the community around you. Wearing the earrings will help you to remember that you are loved, supported and only need reach out to receive any help you may need. The earrings also feature clusters of aquamarine, a gemstone that is renowned for its positive properties. Aquamarine is said to heal emotional trauma, cool high tempers or conflict, relieve stress, help you to get in touch with suppressed emotions, bring peace, clear the mind and calm the heart. These are all benefits that could really help you out on your road to recovery! The earrings are securely fastened to the bar that goes through your piercing, which is a standard piercing size and should be suitable for any regular earlobe piercing!

  • Features calming aquamarine
  • Classic AA logo charm
  • Pretty wire design

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