Small Size Chakra Healing Stones Starter Kit - 7 Size Small

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So who needs a chakra kit? Anyone who wants to take responsibility for their own healing may choose to buy the various healing crystals, so they can use them in the correct combination for healing all of the chakras.

Often you may find that when you either buy or put together such a kit you may be particularity drawn to one of the stones. It is a common reaction, and is a sign that the universal mind is prompting you to heal the bodily area that the chakra stone governs.

What Is In A Chakra Kit?

The chakra kit usually has at least seven stones, one to use for each of the seven major chakras. Look at the stones in the photo above.

There are eight stones in that photo, one for each major chakra and the higher heart, and you may notice that there is a stone in each major chakra color. These stones are a common combination to be found in many kits.

Specific colors and sounds or vibrations are connected with each chakra.

For healing each of these chakras you use those respective colors.

Healing crystals of the specific colors will work to heal individual chakras.

There are various stones of other colors that can be used as well. Once you know the chakra meanings it may be easier to acquire the crystals you wish to use.

Work on healing yourself with these combinations of chakra stones. It means that you are working on all chakras simultaneously. This will create a much stronger healing outcome than using one stone alone for an individual chakra.

My suggestion would be that you meditate while lying with the stones in place. And allow yourself to visualize what healing outcome you require. As you make that Divine connection, you will receive what you need from the universe.

Have fun experimenting with your stones, meditating and improving your life.

When starting your set there are some "must haves" that will help you with a wide range of healing. This kit includes:

First Chakra Stone - Root chakra with element Earth, function Preservation of life, color red. Root chakra is the largest reflecting our great need for in order of importance, water, food, reproduction, clothing, protection and security.

Second Chakra Stone - sacral, (sacred) chakra of the lower organs, with element of water, function sensation, color orange. This chakra brings wanting for touch, sensation, primitive urges of strength and sexual desires. The want and need to bring things into ones aura of pleasure.

Third Chakra Stone - Solar chakra of the stomach with the element of fire, function power, color yellow. As power of our being asserts itself we start to feel strength beyond primitive. Self recognition and connect with oneself. Primitive love into understanding love.

Fourth Chakra Stone - Heart chakra with element air, function, harmony, color green. Allowing us to unite with the collective. 

Fifth Chakra Stone - Throat chakra, element ether, function creativity, color sky blue. As voice and language comes from the larynx our throat allows us to project a view of our surroundings as a warm, friendly, comfortable, supportive, and very helpful in our quest. Brings refreshing spring breeze carrying us on a carpet of sky.

Sixth Chakra Stone - All seeing third eye chakra, element thought, function telepathy, color satin blue. Sixth chakra allows us to be objective of ourselves and others so even our relationship can be viewed from afar. As we become more distant from worldly attachment our energy understands emotional and spiritual eddies are viewable as not affecting our chakra being.

Seventh Chakra Stone - Crown chakra, element thought, function wisdom, color violet. Beyond into a place of pure thought rising out of our third dimensional state into a multi dimensional, multi universal substance of pure energy manifested without space time. Theodor Kaluza, Oskar Klein postulations of folded folds of multiverse wrapped within our thought of what might be.


Each set comes with 7 small gemstones measuring 1/2" to 1 each. 

 You will receive a set similar to the one pictured. I select each stone for my groupings carefully to insure that stones energies fit together nicely. Stones will vary in size and shape.

Gemstones are beautiful to have in our space, hold in our hands and mediate with. They can be worn, placed on our bodies, carried with us, placed under our pillows, as they help balance and harmonize you and your environment. There are so many positive properties associated with each stone and many share the same. I believe that they can serve as reminders of our positive intentions and they can be valuable tools to assist us. 


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