Magenta Glitter Rule 62 We Are Not A Glum Lot Affirmation Medallion - Don't Take Yourself Too Damn Seriously!

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Recovery Coin Premium Affirmation Medallions


Sometimes we all need a reminder to not take ourselves too damn serious.  This medallion is cleverly crafted after the manner of a road route sign that tells us we are on the right path when we remember rule 62.  The history of rule 62 can be found in Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve and Twelve under tradition 4.  Early AA'ers were over achievers who tried to do everything including build a sober factory to get drunks straightened out.  They could not handle the scope of the project and things failed to materialize and out of it came rule 62 "Don't take yourself too damn seriously".  

A perfect gift for the serious minded brooding perfectionist type who has a grand plan to revolutionize AA!


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