1-50 Year Patriotic AA Medallion Large Sized Red White Blue Chip

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This sobriety chip makes a great recovery gift for anyone celebrating an anniversary in Alcoholics Anonymous or even Narcotics Anonymous.  It’s bigger and heavier than other AA sobriety chips.  This patriot chip is unique in its appearance.  Give them sober gifts they’ll remember.  No more boring recovery chips!

Double Patriot designed coin with patriotic red, white, and blue enamel throughout. 
These Recovery Coins are 40mm in size, 3mm thick and weigh 30 grams.  True Heavy Metal Sobriety chips.
These AA coins make great sobriety gifts for anyone celebrating years of recovery.
Each of these sober chips comes in its own coin capsule holder.  These won’t just be AA chips thrown into a small baggy.  They will come protected.
Serenity Prayer is on the rear of this recovery chip.  Also included are To Thine Own Self Be True and Honesty/Open-Mindedness/Willingness. 

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