2025 AA International Convention Bronze Specialty Coin

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2025 AA International Convention Coin

Introducing the 2025 AA International Convention in Vancouver Commemorative AA Coin, a tangible token of your journey towards sobriety, unity, and the Language of the Heart. This beautifully crafted coin is not just a memento but a cherished emblem of the transformative power of Alcoholics Anonymous.


  • A Symbol of Hope: Crafted with precision, the front of this coin features Conference Theme; "Language of the Heart" in exquisite 3D detail, symbolizing the resilience of AA members and their commitment to recovery.
  • City of Dreams: On the reverse side, you'll find a stunning representation of Vancouver, the host city for the 2025 AA International Convention. This unique design showcases the city's iconic landmarks, seamlessly merging AA's worldwide fellowship with the beauty of British Columbia.
  • Language of the Heart: The conference theme, "Language of the Heart," is emblazoned on the coin, serving as a constant reminder of the deep emotional connection that defines the AA community and the power of shared experience.
  • A Touchstone for Progress: This AA Commemorative Coin is a tangible measure of your personal growth and dedication to sobriety. It's a way to commemorate your milestones, both big and small, and to connect with others on the same journey.
  • Share the Spirit: Whether you're an AA veteran or a newcomer, this coin is a meaningful gift to fellow members, sponsors, or friends in recovery. It's a symbol of gratitude, strength, and the enduring spirit of AA's fellowship.


Meticulously minted with top-tier materials, this coin isn't just a keepsake; it's a testament to the courage and transformation that AA has fostered in your life. Carry it with you as a constant reminder of your commitment to the Language of the Heart and the AA community. Share it with those who've walked this path with you, and let it be a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who are still seeking their own way to recovery. This coin embodies the essence of AA and the profound language that connects our hearts in sobriety.


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