AA Medallions: Colors & Meanings

Posted by Daniella Park on 12th Jan 2022

The road to sobriety may seem an abstract distance with no finish line at the start. The period, in the beginning, unfurls infinite interims that appear the most daunting when you enter the fight. Achieving sobriety is an ongoing effort best described by the struggle and recovery of long-time members and group leaders adopting the tradition to fight against alcohol abuse and addiction. Defining a struggle from personal experience, the medallion is a token that the members of the Alcoholics Anonymous community receive to mark the passage of specific amounts of time since they consumed alcohol.

Medallion color types and meanings

At doingitsober, we exemplify a classic collection of these tokens of recovery that in turn impart the courage, integrity, and the grit to fight back and live larger than life. Even though smaller in diameter, these medallions are impactful enough to do good to every life. With the size similar to those of poker chips, these recovery medallions come in various colors, each symbolizing a different amount of time a recipient has spent sober. The colors and the meaning instilled in a sobriety chip differ from group to group. Sobriety chips are dedicated to the members at various points during their first year of recovery. These points typically include one month, three months, six months, nine months, and one year.

Honoring the milestones with these AA Chips, their colored characteristics make the AA members feel motivated, supported, and loved. Here is what the different AA Medallions colors mean!

  • White – twenty-four hours
  • Red – one month
  • Gold – two months
  • Emerald green – three months
  • Gold – four months
  • Red – five months
  • Blue – six months

Types of AA Coins, Chips, Tokens & Medallions

Alcoholics Anonymous medallions and coins are small, round tokens. There are many custom tri-color, bronze, aluminum recovery, 12-step anniversary, and inspirational medallions. Inscribed with the recovery slogans, prayers, well-wishes, etc., each medallion is unique as fellows, friends, and family give it as the ultimate support in the pocket.

Here are some types of AA coins:

  • Bronze AA coins
  • Bronze medallions
  • Aluminum AA coins
  • BSP medallion

How to get AA Chips?

All colored tokens represent sobriety! Given to mark a specific milestone of sobriety, people in recovery receive the chips in a few different ways. Most of them receive the chips at recovery meetings and after completing a treatment course. AA members community honors each other on the road to recovery.

Getting Closer To Sobriety

Attaining sobriety automatically associates you with this tradition being the primary purpose of functioning as a reminder of your daily decision to maintain sobriety. To those who are in the recovery phase, the sobriety products give a ray of hope and motivation to cling onto sobriety. To explore more products related to sobriety, visit Doing It Sober.


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