Bronze Coins: Display Sobriety Coins in Different Ways

Bronze Coins: Display Sobriety Coins in Different Ways

Posted by Daniella Park on 27th Sep 2021

Bronze sobriety coins often referred to as the AA Medallions in technical terms are the tokens or chips to celebrate recovery against drugs. These aa sobriety coins are the reasons to celebrate life to the fullest. They symbolize the importance of sobriety in life and reinstate how easy it is to fight back on the road to recovery if one possesses the true grit, determination, and audacity to stand against drug abuse and addiction. These sobriety gifts try to strike a balance between the changes life goes through after drug abuse and how originally it was before the consumption started. They set the right standards for the differentiation between the right and the wrong indulgences.

Display Your Sobriety Coins in Different Ways

Sized similar to that of a poker chip, these tokens are given to Alcoholics Anonymous. Antique bronze coins deliver a strong message and that is to abstain from the usage of drugs marking the sobriety time achieved. Each NA sobriety coin has its significance and resemblance to the world of sobriety or in the AA culture. Let us now take a look at different bronze coins and dive deeper to understanding what role they play in attaining sobriety.

1) 12 Step Bronze Coin

NA requires social involvement comprising 12-step groups that initiate the fight to recovery against alcohol. The 12 Step Bronze Coin is the picture-perfect representation of these groups moving forward with the clarion call to help people recover against alcohol and all other drug addiction forms.

2) "Nothing Changes" Bronze Coin

People seeking professional treatment methods and counseling for their drinking problems need to be assisted well to nurture confidence and willpower. “Nothing changes” bronze sobriety coins instill the courage to take a step ahead and seek professional treatment that would change nothing but bring some useful additions encouraging life to trot back to the normal track.

3) Antiqued Bronze Finish with Topaz Guardian Angel Coin

The bronze coin is the ideal token of recovery as it has got the Guardian Angel engraved that is always there to guide and give light in the dark. The coins represent the messenger of God sent to recite the Guardian Angel Prayer that is written on the back. Our Antiqued Bronze Finish with Topaz Guardian Angel Coin is finished with a durable lacquer topcoat preventing scratches while maintaining the original luster.

4)F.R.O.G. Fully Relying On God Bronze Coin

The Specialty Bronze Coins in this section have the Serenity Prayer on the reverse side unless otherwise shown. The F.R.O.G. Fully Relying On God Bronze Coin emphasizes the fact that it is ultimately God who grants us the power and wisdom to not just differentiate between the right and the wrong but also the serenity to accept things that cannot be changed and the courage to change things that can be.

Find help any way you can, they are your loved ones

AA sobriety coins send a strong message that reiterates the fact that your loved ones need help to exit from the cycle of the ever so pervasive drug abuse and addiction. They need the gleam of hope to cling onto and believe that there is an entirely different story on the other side of the coin. The road to sobriety is beautiful and life beyond drugs is heavenly. Gift them these sobriety gifts and help them fight the battle!


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