Gift for someone celebrating a year of sobriety

Gift for someone celebrating a year of sobriety

Posted by Daniella Park on 27th Dec 2021

A road to sobriety is never an easy journey for those suffering from addictions. Be their supporting partner in their journey and show them your love, care, support, and affection. However, choosing to go sober is easier said than done. It requires a strong determination and willpower. Show those around you who chose sobriety that they are not alone and you are with them in their path.

Congratulate them with a gift to let them know you are proud of their journey. Support those courageous souls with a meaningful gift. However, if you are exploring gift ideas for someone you know who is on the way to addiction recovery and completed a one-year of sobriety, here we are with the great gifting options. Below are some of the gift ideas you can gift to your sober friends, family, relatives, or any other loved ones who are celebrating a proud one-year sober journey.

Recovery Themed Apparels

Clothing based on an addiction recovery theme is the perfect first anniversary gift for celebrating a year of sobriety. Gifting shirts, T-shirts, or a simple canvas shoe with inspiring quotes will give them a sense of courage, and they will be ecstatic to flaunt their step to the bravery. Be their supporting hand in their walk to sobriety.

Medallions For Inspiration

Inspirational specialty medallions, milestone chips, orsober anniversary coinscan be an excellent gift for a daily reminder to your fellow sober friends, family, or relatives’ inspirational journey of one year to sobriety. Gift bronze coins, AA custom medallions, or NA anniversary medallionsthat they can keep in their pockets and be proud of their commitment to their sober journey.

AA and NA Gifts for Sober Gems

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) gifts with inspirational words or quotes are a perfect way to show your support to sober friends, family, or relatives. It will boost their morale and self-esteem. Be their pillar of support and strength to keep them on the right path of their detox journey by gifting medallions of honor.

Other Recovery Gifts

Gifting customized gifts such as key chains, rings, pendants, bracelets, greeting cards, mugs, or recovery ornaments with unique quotes can also be a display of bracing one year to sobriety. Healing crystals, precious stones, or candles are also some of the great gift choices to strengthen their power from within and receive positive energy by removing spiritual or physical blockages.

Celebrate A Year To Sobriety With Doing It Sober

Gifting strong souls a meaningful and precious gift would incredibly display your support to their dauntlessness and positive spirit towards sobriety. Let them know you are proud of their journey and appreciate achieving a one-year milestone. The sobriety anniversary gifts would instill in their minds that they are going great. Bring back their courage, strength, and power to keep them moving forward. 


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