How to Set a Goal on Sobriety & Its Importance

How to Set a Goal on Sobriety & Its Importance

Posted by Daniella Park on 26th Dec 2022

Recognizing an aspect of your life that needs to be improved is an achievement in itself. Getting aware of the problem is the first step toward the solution. And the next step is to set a goal that will help you get to your destination. Though setting a recovery goal isn’t too challenging, working to meet that goal could be. In addition, recovery goals are the foundation of your victory over addiction.

Everybody has a unique background, history, or reason for falling into the vicious pit of addiction. That’s why the goals you set for yourself during recovery will also be different from others. But how exactly will setting recovery goals for sobriety help you, and why are they important?

We have listed a few points flagging the significance of setting smart recovery goals. Let’s take a look.

The Importance Of Setting Goals For Sobriety

  • Makes You Examine Yourself- To set a goal, you need to introspect about where you are currently, where you wanted to be and how you can reach there.
  • Help In Thinking Positively- Setting a plan for sobriety will make you think of all the things that’ll positively influence you and help you to move towards a better life.
  • Help To Find A Purpose- A person gets a purpose to improve, keep them from getting bored, and go back to the dark side.
  • Makes You Focus On The Future- It helps you detach yourselves from your tumultuous past.
  • Help You In Gaining Confidence- As you start working towards your goals, your progress towards sobriety will start filling you up with confidence.
  • It Motivates You- climbing steps of successfully achieving goals motivates you to keep on going.
  • It Keeps You Engaged- when you focus on something, everything else becomes a mere distraction. And In the same way, when you would work to meet your recovery goals effectively, your negative thoughts would become mere distractions and would have little to no impact on you.

Now that you know why you need to set a recovery goal, let’s discuss how to set one.

How to Set a Goal for Sobriety

“Its Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been”- George Elliot

Regrets related to the past are heavy to carry. That’s why instead of regretting, you should focus on a better future that you can achieve through consistent improvement. And setting recovery goals for sobriety will surely take you on the path of consistent progress. Starting with a small and seemingly easy goal is the key to it.

Now, the process is pretty simple if you're thinking about how you should start with goal setting. It requires you to focus on the five parameters popularly abbreviated as SMART. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

  • Specific- The goal you set for recovery should be small and precisely specific. The specificity of your goal will take you away from the abstractness and make it measurable.
  • Measurable- It should be measurable as then keeping a record would be easy, and whenever you would look back to it, you would get a clear image of the hard work and determination you had put in it to achieve those.
  • Achievable- your goals should be doable and not just hard to accomplish wishful thinking. Achieving each will motivate you to move further to the next goal and keep going.
  • Relevant- keep your goals closely related to the purpose. Set a goal that would contribute to taking you close to the objective of your goals, i.e., sobriety.

Time-Bound- A goal without a timeline is just a wish. However, a goal with a timeline keeps the vigor of the plan of action intact.

Follow a Reward System for Achieving Goals

To achieve a giant objective, we break it down into smaller goals. And every goal has a purpose. Though those purposes act as a reward marking the success of achieving those goals with something tangible works wonderfully. As a tangible reward, you can mark your victory with AA Recovery jewelry from Doing It Sober. It has a message of support or encouragement. It can be worn as a reminder of the person's commitment to sobriety. Recovery jewelry can be given by friends or family members, or the person can purchase it for himself as a mark of completing his goals.


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