Let's Deep Dive into AA Chips & Medallions

Let's Deep Dive into AA Chips & Medallions

Posted by Daniella Park on 15th Jun 2022

Condemning what's wrong is always right! White or black, the contrasting color difference is backed by a clear sense of conscience and the ability to not just think but reason out logically and then choose a color. The same philosophy works in real life. A comprehensible demarcation between what's right and what's a pretentious right lets you outline the difference between what to and what not to choose in life. The yardstick to measure the degree of right and wrong in your actions lets you calibrate your judgments and act upon them as the situation demands.

When your conscience starts working in a more delusional state, a dilemma, with your thoughts hidden in the shadows of gray and those mystical clouds encircling your very digressed mental framework, you nearly have been doomed! A hopeless, fated, and a damned situation when your subconsciousness negatively overwhelms and paralyzes the decision-making capability. With deceased self-control, shattered self-esteem, and lost mental cognizance, you seemingly trudge a road having a dead end.

Your drinking habits start taking you down

It's under those very clutches of alcohol and drug abuse and addiction that lead you to take a giant leap towards degradation. A sense of moral, social, physical, and psychological debasement that overpowers your feelings and emotions in just no time. Alcohol consumption now is not just a pleasant way to relax and unwind. It's turned into a habit with the repercussions deepening into your veins quite venomously. Your drinking pattern results in significant and recurrent adverse consequences, endangering you and the people most affected by you. The consciousness to fight back has been lost with your sense of right and wrong depriving you of the wisdom to find the true rational being, dispossessing you of the basis needed to treat a happy and fulfilling life. Will you go down dejected? Is there no silver lining to your cause?

Unique Sobriety Gifts to the rescue

There always is that armory that backs you up when you think of a fight back. On your road to recovery against alcohol abuse and addiction, it is the sobriety gifts yet again to the rescue turning into the real remittances!

The foundational right is not just setting the sobriety standards high but rather celebrating the changes that could revolutionize you into a better human being. Unique sobriety gifts could embrace the abandoned you, proving a respite when the journey ahead is not a bed of roses but the one heckled with those prickly thorns. A sobriety gift collection is a perfect start to setting long and unambiguous goals that attain sobriety. The road to recovery demands encouragement round the clock, and this is where a gesture of warmth, love, and support proves staggering. Gift cards, mugs, pendants, and charms, a ray of hope would do, but there exists nothing more distinctive and appealing than the AA Recovery Chips and Medallions! Let's get to know them better!

AA Chips And Medallions

AA Chips, sometimes called AA Coins, AA Tokens, or AA Medallions, are small, 34mm by 2mm, round pieces of metal or plastic that are distributed to members of 12 Step groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics anonymous to mark significant periods of continuous sobriety. A few of them are illustrated below!

1)14k Gold, Large Recovery Medallion, Custom Engraving Style #500-5

Awarded as the special tokens to those under their recovery phase, AA Recovery Medallions look like poker chips and mark how long a member's been sober. The tokens give AA members a physical reminder to take sobriety one day at a time. 14k Large Recovery Medallion with Serenity Prayer on Back, describing the symbiotic relationship between hope, positivity, and spiritual healing. They are available in Blank, or Custom Engrave with Number or Initials.

2)Alcoholics Anonymous Style 10k Gold, Large Recovery Medallion

Purposefully built to let you cherish and relish the reasons for attaining sobriety, these tokens symbolize the inner strength, courage, positivity, and the vibe enamored when these are exchanged as gifts. The sobriety and a triangle, the three-sided equilateral figure, represent the three-part answer symbolizing unity, recovery, and service, addressing a three-dimensional heal, primarily physical, mental, and spiritual.

3)Style #500-5, Sterling Silver, Large Recovery Medallion

Often to mark the impressive achievements of people who have been brilliant in achieving their sobriety goals. These sobriety tokens are usually gratifying to a person in recovery and signify how important it is to stay motivated, positive, and encouraged to fight these ever-so-challenging times and recover to their full potential. Unique sobriety gifts for him and her, these simply remind the person of the struggles they have overcome and the success they have achieved.

Lead a normal, fulfilling, and a prosperous life

A quality life characterized by higher moral, social, and psychological values has to be driven by hard-hitting efforts done relentlessly to improve it day after day. The road to sobriety is tough and demands unequivocal focus, attention, patience, and the desire to live big. The needle to leading a prosperous, wealthy, and subtle life had deviated long back, and so will have to backtrack to its original position, only when you don't put your swords down! It's time to fight and come back stronger, both mentally and physically. What's at present cannot be the future, therefore, it must be re-written on your terms.


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