The Ascent of the Sober Inquisitive: Having Everything Without Liquor

Posted by Daniella Park on 20th Mar 2023

The road to sobriety is easy for none. One who has chosen to be sober and achieved sobriety knows the struggles it encapsulates throughout the journey. It requires effort, dedication, and the right mindset to overcome alcohol addiction. However, the first step on the road to sobriety is recognizing and acknowledging the fact that there is a problem associated with alcohol consumption. And once you start questioning the role alcohol plays in your life and how adversely it affects your life, you move one step closer to being sober inquisitive or sober curious.

What does it mean to be sober inquisitive?

It involves cultivating a deep sense of understanding, curiosity, and mindful thinking about the negative consequences of alcohol or drug use. When you become aware of the dangers of these harmful substances, you turn to alternative forms of self-expression and self-discovery that lead you toward a powerful shift in how you approach life and the world around you. It needs daily reflection and lifestyle changes that support mindfulness and self-awareness.

Difference Between Sober Inquisitive and Sobriety

While both the terms Sober Inquisitive and Sobriety are interrelated but they have different concepts. Both involve abstaining oneself from drugs and alcohol use, but with a different focus and approach with specific goals.

Sobriety, in simple words, is associated with addiction recovery and refers to being fully sober in order to improve one’s physical and mental health. It is the state when one completely refrains from alcohol or toxic substance use. On the other hand, sober inquisitiveness refers to a mindset or approach to life that emphasizes mindfulness and curiosity toward sobriety. It may involve abstaining from drugs and alcohol, but it may not necessarily mean giving up alcohol completely. It just means being more mindful of your drinking habits and deciding how you want your relationship with alcohol. Being sober inquisitive or sober curious helps you achieve a healthy and fulfilling life.

“If you are a sober squad or know someone who is on the road to sobriety, support and encourage them with recovery gifts such as recovery chips, recovery coins, recovery medallions, or recovery tokens. "Thus, sobriety is more connected with a specific goal of being completely free from alcohol or drug use. In contrast, sober inquisitive is more of a mindful approach that makes you start questioning your drinking habits.

How Doing It Sober Can Help You In Your Journey

No matter if you are on recovery journey, or are a sober inquisitive, its important to be patient along the way. It is a process that involves dedication and perseverance, and Doing It Sober is there for you to help you in your journey. It’s important to celebrate small victories, and each milestone whether a week, a month, or a year of sobriety, is a testament to your strength and resilience.

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