The Role of Family and Friends in Supporting Sobriety

Posted by Daniella Park on 25th May 2023

We don’t live in a vacuum. People in society surround us. We have been directly or indirectly in touch with them. And this connection with others makes them impact our lives, and vice versa. The effect we have on others can make a huge difference in their lives; it can be encouraging or discouraging, resulting in potentially great or bad results.

Similarly, when it comes to supporting someone striving for sobriety, people around that person can make a significant impact, especially people who come into their close circle, viz., their family and friends. Keep reading to learn about the role of family and friends in supporting sobriety.

How can Family & Friends Help?

Living in close proximity, you, as a family member or friend, maybe the first to recognize signs of addiction in your loved ones and can be the first to offer help and support. When your loved one decides to seek treatment for addiction, the whole family and your friend circle can offer support and foster an environment of encouragement for long-term recovery. We have listed a few roles for you that you can play for your loved ones, helping them recover. Let’s read:

  • Acquire Knowledge

Learning more about addiction, ways to get out of it, and what someone struggling with it is experiencing helps develop empathy for them. Empathy gives rise to the need to create a conducive environment for the person dealing with addiction. A more conducive environment makes the person on the journey to recovery feel safer and more understood, ultimately consolidating their trust and hope for a better future.

  • Be Attentive And Available

You can talk to your loved one about what they are feeling and going through. It lets them feel better and prevents them from feeling overwhelmed. Being attentive and available to talk about any concerns or worries they might have helps them stay away from progressing in the wrong direction and making a harmful decision. The feeling of being together with family and friends helps further solidify their recovery journey to sobriety.

  • Standing By them

Accepting that your friend or kin needs support and professional help can save him/her from grave circumstances. Early detection and treatment prevent them from falling into the pit of guilt for not being able to stick to their goal of sobriety and giving in to temptation. Your support encourages them to keep going.

  • Support Them in Taking steps

You can help them recognize their triggers and change enabling and co-dependent behaviors. Identifying their behavior not only alerts you when they move away from it but also motivates them to continue their journey after witnessing the progress they have made so far. Their progress acts as a reward for them that you can use to revitalize them in case you feel they are getting weak anywhere in their journey to sobriety.

  • Join Hands To Make A Difference

As a friend or loving family member, you can collectively create a safe environment for them by removing any triggers, substances, or situations that might spike their temptation. As a concerned family member, you should avoid having drugs or alcohol at home, creating a safe, sober environment. And as a concerned friend, you should try to meet or hang out with them at any place that steers clear of addictive substances. The absence of addictive substances in their vicinity can go a long way in their recovery journey.

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