Danish AA Coin- Foreign Alcoholics Anonymous

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How often have you been presented with multiple coins on an anniversary and not remembered which was given to you and by whom?  When you present this coin to another in the fellowship, they’re going to always remember who gave it to them.

Our Danish AA coin, like our other foreign language coins, is larger, heavier and thicker than the conventional AA coin and tokens.  It is 40mm in diameter.  It’s a real piece of “heavy metal”!   The text and lettering is raised. You can run your thumb across the front or the Serenity Prayer on the back and feel the ridges.


It has all of the familiar traits of the AA token celebrating years of sobriety including…

-To Thine Own Self Be True along the top edge

-Unity, Service, and Recovery representing the 3 AA legacies

-The Serenity Prayer on back surrounding the AA logo