One Day At A Time Cooper Engraved Recovery Bracelet

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Metal Engraved Recovery Bracelet

Having a reminder of your strength can prove invaluable on the difficult road to sobriety. These metal engraved bracelets offer motivation, inspiration, and the self-confidence you need to achieve your goals, reminding you to take it slow and overcome the difficulties you face each day. 

These beautiful and sentimental bracelets are poignant yet minimalistic, providing you with a beautiful piece of jewelry that will give you the power you need to succeed. They have a simple and sophisticated style, with beveled edges and a smooth curved shape making it comfortable and easy to wear. Available in two different finishes - copper and silver - they can complement any outfit, no matter what your personal style may be.

The phrase "One Day At a Time" is delicately engraved in a cursive font on the outside of the bracelet, with darkened letters standing out against a copper or silver background. These bracelets are available in 4mm and 8mm thicknesses, making it suitable for people with wrists of all sizes. The 8mm version features cursive text while the 4mm version has sans serif text.

  • Copper or silver finishes available
  • 4mm and 8mm width options available
  • Beautifully engraved with “One Day At A Time”



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