Positively Powerful AA Recovery Affirmation Chips

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This set of Alcoholics Anonymous poker chips is a great addition to your AA meetings or Home Groups. 
Each chip showcases a different AA expression such as "90 Meetings in 90 Days" or "Let Go and Let God", reminding us of the program's principles and slogans. 
Made of high-quality material, these chips are durable and long-lasting. 
They are a great way to spread the message of AA and serve as a personal reminder of the recovery journey. 
Get your set today and add a unique touch to your AA experience with these powerful AA expressions.
  • AA poker chips set features 25 different AA expressions
  • Each chip showcases a different expression
  • Serves as a reminder of AA principles and slogans
  • Suitable for personal use and as a sobriety gift for others in recovery
  • Ideal for use in AA meetings and home groups

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