Rose Quartz Candle Holder Healing Crystal - Self Love

$6.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

These rose quartz candle holders are a unique and natural home décor essential. Rose quartz is considered to promote calming and positive energy, making it a perfect housewarming, wedding, or hostess gift. When lit with a tea light, our rose quartz candle holders produce a dreamy glow, sure to provide a magical ambiance for any occasion from dinner parties to snuggling up with your favorite book.

Approximately 4-6"W x 2.5-3"H (some can be larger)

Color will vary from a pale pink to white/pale pink

Thick chunks of rough rose quartz with a drilled hole suitable to fit any standard tea light

The above photographs are a representation of the product you will receive. Due to the organic nature of this mineral, each piece is completely unique in terms of color, transparency, size and shape

Rose Quartz goes by the name of the Love Stone because it sends off strong vibrations of love, happiness, warmth, and emotional health. It possesses energy related to the heart chakra and can help you find true love. Also it can open up your chakras to see the best in people and recognize the signs that you must stay away from, it can also give you the gift of genuine self-love. 


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