Style #580-10, 14k Gold, Medium Size, NA Basket Weave Circle, Available in 12 Different 8mm Square Colored CZ Birthstones

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NA Symbol in a Basket Weave Circle with 8mm Square Birthstone

3/4" Wide by 1-1/8" Tall with Rabbit Ears

Amethyst Color Shown, February Birthstone

Available in all Birthstone Colors

Stones are man made CZ's and Crystals,

their may be color variations due to the size

of the stones and the different suppliers.

Hand Finished, High Polished



Style: NA 14k Gold Pendants
Stone Size: 8mm Square
Material: Solid 14k Yellow Gold
Finish: High Polished
Height: 28  Millimeter
Width: 19  Millimeter
Weight: 3.1  Grams