Custom Engraved AA Wave® Recovery Anniversary Mirror in a Black Box Frame w/ LED Light Up Display

$12.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Each Design can be made for either size.

 12x12     79.99 or  8x8        64.99
 LED Light Info:
  •  57"  lead USB power cord, with an included USB wall plug
  • USB Powered from any 5V, 1A output USB Port
  • Includes remote control with 3 White Light options, 12 additional color options, brightness control, and 4 pre-programmed color changing modes. 
  • You must use the remote control within 1 inch of the mirror for best results.
Great for the wall or leaning up against a wall on a nightstand or cabinet.
You can change multiple options, sobriety date, name, and initials. Descriptions
are in the pictures.
image.pngIncluded FREE a Universal USB Wall Charger Power Adapter Plug 1A 5V Travel Charger

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