Sponsor "With Heartfelt Thanks" Hand-Drawn Inspirational 12-Step Medallion

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Introducing our exclusive "With Heartfelt Thanks" Doing It Sober Medallion, a symbol of gratitude and inspiration crafted with care and dedication. This hand-drawn, solid brass 34mm medallion in a soft pink hue is a testament to resilience and the journey towards sobriety.

Each medallion is adorned with a shimmering crystal rhinestone on both sides, adding a touch of elegance to its heartfelt design. Coated with a high gloss epoxy, this medallion shines with a radiant finish, reflecting the inner strength and beauty of those who carry it.

Designed especially for women in recovery, this medallion holds deep significance as a token of appreciation for sponsors who have shared their invaluable experience, strength, and hope throughout the 12 steps of recovery in AA or NA.

The front of the medallion features bright, cheery flowers alongside a striking red crystal and heart, symbolizing gratitude and love. The words "With Heartfelt Thanks for Being My Guiding Light" are delicately written, expressing profound appreciation and reverence.

On the reverse side, a beautiful dove surrounded by flowers captures the essence of renewal and peace. At the center, a glitter-burning heart radiates warmth and resilience, while the words "Experience, Strength, and Hope" serve as a reminder of the journey towards healing and growth.

Adding a final touch of brilliance, a yellow rhinestone crystal nestled within the flower symbolizes the light and positivity found in the path to sobriety.

Embrace the power of gratitude and inspiration with our "With Heartfelt Thanks" Doing It Sober Medallion, a timeless symbol of courage, gratitude, and unwavering determination on the journey to recovery.

Comes in a plastic cover to protect it and a velvet draw bag for gifting.


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