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15th Feb 2014

 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND PATIENCE! I AM SO EXCITED TO BE INTRODUCING AT LEAST 4 SHIRTS IN JUNE FOR SALE ON THE WEBSITE! I am also really excited by the great response! This was just a personal little project for me because of my passion for recovery and art. I originally wanted to do this for friends and now would like to expand to everyone to being able to be part of "Doing It Sober"! As you know, everything takes blood, sweat and tears and I am hoping to generate some $ from these few designs to be able to expand to more elaborate designs with embroidery and lots of color from different artists stemmed from my spiritual experiences with animals and the earth through my path. (Whoa, run on sentence!) I have never blogged but promised myself I would commit to doing this and sharing my story with anyone that will listen. AGAIN, THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT AS I LOVE LOOKING AT YOUR PROFILES, LISTENING TO YOUR STORIES AND CHECKING OUT YOUR PICTURES AS INSPIRATION!


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