Interview Daniella Park at WWW.LOVESOBER.COM

Interview Daniella Park at WWW.LOVESOBER.COM

Posted by DANIELLA PARK on 20th Jul 2014

Q&A Interview with

Daniella Park.

1. Tell us briefly, how did you get into recovery?

September 11th, 2006, I fell over in my shower unable to move and was hyperventilating due to the pain in my stomach. After heavy drug and alcohol abuse, my stomach lining just exploded and started killing my insides with toxins. I never knew I had a disease or that there was a way out and am so thankful I lived to learn that I can be the sober person I am today, happily.

2. How long have you been in recovery?

In September 2014, it will be 8 years!

3. How do you maintain your recovery?

100% of my recovery is based on the 12 Step Program. I have completed the 12 steps, have a sponsor, attend meetings regularly, and have sponsored and still do sponsor women. Most importantly, I check in throughout the day everyday with my higher power in with whom I choose to call God. I am constantly getting involved with commitments within the 12 Step Program, even if I don't feel like it! Contrary action! It is a program of ACTION and as much as I know that, I can still sit in enough pain sometimes before I actually do the work to feel better.

4. What are you able to do now that you were unable to do before recovery?

I am able to suit up and show up no matter what. I have a strong god consciousness and awareness that helps me to have a different perception of life. I love the fact that I can recognize things, internalize them and then not have to react a little bit better. I LOVE that I am teachable!

5. Do you believe in the concept of service? If so, how do you apply this concept into your daily life?

I am not trying to paint a picture of being a Saint at all but when it comes to service that is my big time priority. I work as a sales team leader, just started my new t-shirt line, "Doing It Sober" and am working as the pre-registration chair on the VCAAC committee....busy! But if anytime someone calls me, if I am asked to speak, if I hear of someone having a hard time or for no reason at all (usually when driving between tasks!) I dial and ask people how they are doing. I was a die hard drinker and user and I know it need to be there for others always, no matter what. It actually makes me truly happy to call someone to ask them about their day, it gives a high and happiness every time I do it! I also know that if I don't...who will? I am responsible to help the new person and then i get to help myself (stay alive!). Trust me on this one, it works!

6. What are the top 3 benefits of living in recovery?

I got my self-esteem back! I am a spiritual person and I am able to look people in the eye.

7. What is your all time favorite thing to do?

That's really tough, I have two favorites. I ride motorcycles and scuba dive all over the world and learned both after I got SOBER!

8. How do you deal with the daily stresses of life?

I pray, turn it over, pray again, take it back, turn it back over and then write. SURRENDER TO WIN! I take a look at where I could have done better and ask my higher power to become more like my ideal, but only when I have totally committed to turning it over.

9. Do you meditate? If so, what is your favorite form of meditation?

I do, although not on a regular basis. I just attended a spiritual meditation retreat a few weeks back and enjoyed the break in my mind. I don't have a favorite yet but travel to different temples, churches that offer guided meditations. I have repeatedly created a shrine of my own at home as a special place to take time out of everyday to meditate throughout the years but fell short every time and never stuck with it.

10. If you could meet any person, whether they be dead or alive, who would that person be and why them?

I would love to meet Marilyn Monroe, I would tell her it's okay to have made mistakes and that she was not a bad person just a sick person. I feel like she was a life at a particular time in history that could have had an impact on society in a very positive way and even today if she made it through the jungle of "Hollywood" and all of it's drugs, controversy and heartbreak.

If you've ever seen “Inside the Actor’s Studio” with James Lipton, you are familiar with the Pivot Questionnaire - ten questions that Bernard Pivot always asked his guest in the great French television series,” Bouillon de Culture.”
Here are the questions:
1. What is your favorite word?


2. What is your least favorite word?


3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Honesty, Art and Music.

4. What turns you off?

My EGO is not my AMIGO.

5. What is your favorite curse word?

mutha F*cker!

6. What sound or noise do you love?

I have a thing for freight train horns. I make my whole team at work chug with me!

7. What sound or noise do you hate?

Nail clippers.

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Racing trucks in Mexico at the Baja 500!

9. What profession would you not like to do?


10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

You're home and go find your family.


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