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Back To Basic

Posted by Jennifer Stewart on 14th Oct 2016

Back to Basics

By Jennifer Stewart

Peace comes from within, do not seek it without’

  • -Buddha

I left Australia & landed in Sri Lanka on the fifth of October.

I have been here almost a week now & still getting the hang of things.

I have travelled before; in fact - quite a bit, been places where the culture shock hit me hard, so this was no shock to me.

What was a shock to me though, was the undeniable happiness of the locals.

The children have near on nothing yet they’re smile speaks a million words of contentment and happiness.

I am currently trying to learn some of their native language which is deeming a little difficult yet I am thoroughly enjoying this experience.

I had some trouble with my funds a few days ago and began to panic!

“Fuck, I only have $100 Au on me” I stressed.

Then I went for a morning walk and as I did so, I observed my surroundings and as I was intrigued by things I saw, I witnessed a little girl with nothing on but a pair of knickers, wadding in the water, laughing and splashing around as if there were no troubles in this world for her. Her father was knee deep in the water, catching fish by hand.

I stopped and watched this for a little while, and it brought tears to my eyes.

How can someone like me, from a western culture be so stressed out over ‘lack of funds’ when these people live so happy with next to nothing.

Gave me goose bumps.

So as I had to wait about 4 days for my funds to clear I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to embrace the simple life. I decided there and then, I would live next four days on a Sri Lankan average wage of a mere 500 rupees per day – about $4.80Au per day…


I had many long walks on the beach, getting lost in this beautiful coastline, getting to know the locals, playing ball with the children – with a soccer ball that mind you – any westerner would have thrown out and bought a new one.

To them, it was everything.

I guess what I am trying to portray with this blog is the importance of happiness and being grateful for what we do have rather than dwell on what we do not.

I think back to times where I would happily pass over near on a thousand dollars for a quantity of ice or cocaine and wonder now how I could justify.

A thousand dollars can go so far. Especially in a world like the one I am currently experiencing.

For all those struggling with early stages of recovery I suggest that the next time you’re feeling out of place or down; go for a walk, sit and watch the ocean, smell the mountain air, observe others laughter, build a sandcastle;


For they never count money in their happiness.

‘It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy; that makes happiness.’

-Charles Spurgeon

94 days sober today and couldn’t be happier.

Namaste x


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