Daniella Park Guest on Sobriety Network Podcast

Daniella Park Guest on Sobriety Network Podcast

Posted by Daniella Park/Bryan Edmund on 13th Jun 2016

On this week's episode, we are DOING IT SOBER with my friend Daniella Park ...

Ep 25- Morning routines, positive affirmations, traveling, & setting 50 goals in order to achieve your dreams! with Daniella Park from

A few things we talk about in this episode:

1.) Finding the time to focus on personal growth EVERYDAY...

2.) What happens when you sit down and write out 50 goals in one sitting!

3.) The importance of your morning routine, the Miracle Morning with Hal Elrod, & why it's sooo important!

4.) You'll learn about S.M.P... The power of positive affirmations & how to do them.

5.) The law of circulation and why we need to give without expectation...


o0o0o0o... and I talk about SNAPCHAT! ADD ME

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Peace, Love, & Recovery...

– Bryan Edmund


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