Measuring Success: Frequency of Sobriety Chip Recognition in AA Solution

Measuring Success: Frequency of Sobriety Chip Recognition in AA Solution

Posted by Daniella Park on 14th May 2024

The hurdles of life are many and varied. Some people have to battle depression, while others will need to overcome substance abuse. Irrespective of which mountain you must climb, it’s crucial to stop every once in a while, and reflect on how far you’ve made it.

Those on the sobriety journey are particularly likely to benefit from pausing and smelling the roses periodically. Just so happens that measuring success like this can do wonders for your physical and mental help.

This guide will consider the benefits of sobriety chip recognition in AA solutions and how this system works. But first, let’s understand the AA solution and what the chip means.

Understanding AA Chips

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AA Chips are tiny, circular tokens offered to people on their recovery journey. These coins indicate the progress the recipient made and what period they were sober. Therefore, they’re essentially a physical reminder that sobriety is about daily victories.

Typically, you’ll find them in people's bags, pockets, or purses, serving as tangible and visible reminders of their sobriety efforts.

Brief Background of AA Chips

There doesn't appear to be a definitive record, and it's unclear when the chip system first emerged. However, multiple accounts describe the following story of a nun working at the St. Thomas Hospital (Akron, OH). She offered Sacred Heart tokens to those who promised sobriety once discharged. Another record points to the leader of an Alcoholics Anonymous group. This AA leader in Indianapolis was said to have introduced this practice in 1942. Meanwhile, another account mentioned a medallion that the founder of Cleveland's first chapter fashioned for himself out of a silver dollar.

Today, AA chips have been a crucial part of the 12-step program despite not being mandatory. Both the Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous fellowships recognize these chips as crucial pieces for celebrating milestones.

How the AA Chip Solution Works