​5 Tips on Accomplishing Your Recovery Resolutions

​5 Tips on Accomplishing Your Recovery Resolutions

Posted by EverydayHealth Editorial Team on 19th Feb 2020

We all go through difficult moments in life, ending up taking the wrong path. Our choices dictate our future, and, unfortunately, at some point, drinking alcohol or taking drugs might seem the easy way out. Recovery is hard but not impossible, especially if you realize that we only live once and we need to make the most of our existence on this planet.

If you are in recovery, trying to fight temptation, you might benefit from reading this article. We have gathered a number of important tips on how to accomplish your recovery resolutions, and stay away from trouble. Keep in mind that a key skill in overcoming the temptation of alcohol or drugs is resilience, which will help you respond properly to a difficult situation.

#1 No procrastination

The one thing a person who is in recovery should not say is “tomorrow”. It already took a significant amount of energy and effort to set your resolutions, now you have to find the power to start now. Don’t say you will begin the next day, as you might find yourself going back to your old ways.

Acting on your words will have an empowering effect, allowing you to go on and reach your new goals. It might be easy to find excuses or seek out opportunities for procrastination, but, on the long run, it will not help you in any way.

#2 Work toward becoming resilient

It is often said that it does not matter what happens to us, but how we respond. If you were faced with a difficult situation, you might have responded badly, resorting to drinking or taking drugs, or other wrongful choices. As you try to recover and remain problem-free, resilience will be the number one skill you’ll need.

Resiliency will help you overcome those moments when you are tempted to have a drink or seek out your drug supplier. How can you become more resilient? Start by thinking about yourself with optimism, and finding a purpose in your life. Build a network of support and accept that life does not always go as planned.

#3 Identify and address stress triggers

Often times, we fail to achieve our recovery resolutions, just because we are constantly bothered by the same stressful things. A good idea would be to identify and address those triggers, so that you can stay on the right path and protect yourself from lapses.

Think about your life and the parts you are most dissatisfied with. Most people have troubled relationships, lost friendships or health problems that cause difficulties. Mental health issues, a stressful home environment or lack of support from family/friends can also be triggers. Address each area and make sure your focus remains on recovery.

#4 Split the larger goal into smaller ones

When we run after a large goal, and struggling to recover, it can be so tempting to give up. Success seems so far away, and we are tried, and drained of energy. Instead of running after what seems an impossible thing to achieve, it might be a better idea to split that goal into smaller ones.

Think about milestones that are feasible and not as difficult to achieve. Celebrate each small success but do not forget about the ultimate goal. What matters is that you strive for balance in your life, avoiding negative influences or experiences. You should feel supported in your endeavors, so talk to your family and friends about such needs.

#5 A friend to share the journey to recovery

In the fight against temptation, you might find it easier to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, if you have a friend who shares the burden. Find someone who is working on the same issues, having similar recovery resolutions. Work together and do not hesitate to be honest about the difficulties you are going through.

Having someone to share the hardest moments but also the ones that bring you most joy, recovery won’t seem like such a difficult thing to achieve. Moreover, when you have a friend who has been in your situation, it is easier to open up and ask for support. You will feel inspired by your friend and him by you. It is a win-win situation.

These are a few tips on how you can accomplish your recovery resolutions to make sure you will never go back to how things used to be and live life to the fullest. As a final piece of advice, always remember that, in the face of adversity, what matters is that you keep your head up high and think optimistically, identifying the best solution.



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