Assessing Your Alcohol Use: When to Seek Help

Assessing Your Alcohol Use: When to Seek Help

Posted by Daniella Park on 7th Jun 2024

Moderate alcohol use is linked to many potential benefits, like improving sleep and lowering the risks of some heart diseases. However, some people abuse this drink and end up experiencing many side effects or becoming overly dependent on it. According to the World Health Organization, more than 2.3 billion people in the world consume alcohol, and some die due to excessive consumption.

You are not alone if you take alcohol, but you should only consume it in moderation. Also, there’s still hope for you if you feel like you are taking excessive alcohol. The first step to the alcohol addiction problem is to acknowledge the problem so you are a step ahead in your recovery journey.

Keep reading for more insights on when to seek help with alcohol addiction and how to use the sobriety chips to reward yourself for positive progress.

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