Austin Cooper from

Austin Cooper from

Posted by Austin Cooper - Guest Blogger on 9th Mar 2016

- I remember the days of being stuck; alcoholism, addiction, debt, broken relationships, guilt, shame, resentment. It was as if I were in a deep hole. So deep that I couldn't see the top. With each day passing it seemed the hole was only getting deeper and deeper. Until one day, I decided to listen to those who had been even deeper but who had climbed their way out. If they did it, so could I. So I began climbing. I made sure not to look up and risk being discouraged by the distance to the top so I kept my eyes straight forward while climbing and climbing until before I knew it I was free from that hole. A place I have decided I am never going back to. Now I see horizons all around me. I know there will be obstacles along my journey, but I am past the toughest one of getting out of the vicious cycle of alcoholism and addiction. I have my head above water and now just need to put on foot in front of the other. Now it's my turn to show others to the top. One day at a time. -


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