Real Aligned Women Podcast - Daniella Park

Real Aligned Women Podcast - Daniella Park

Posted by Real Aligned Women Podcast on 10th Jan 2019


Episode 9: Doing It Sober with Daniella Park

"On September 11, 2006, everything changed. I was in the shower after a very hard night. I felt at the end of my rope with utter loneliness like never before when my body decided to fail as well. I started having horrible pains like someone was stabbing me in my stomach over and over. My hands were stuck closed, and my face was contorting. I figured this was it, I was having a stroke, and now I was going to lose the last bit of life I had: my looks. We both know looks only get you so far, but that’s as far as my delusional mind could see at that moment of my life. I dialed 911 and had my mother rush to get me. We went straight to the hospital. We sat in the waiting room because there were eight other critical patients in there. I remember telling my mother as I sat white as a ghost, “I’m so sorry Mom I’m not going to make it."

Tune in so you can find out more of Daniella's story!

Sober since September 11, 2006 and work with girls of all ages to regain their lives back. Recovery is not easy, but it is worth it and being able to share my past has been my greatest asset, giving me a purpose in life. It also reminds me of what can happen if I choose to go back there. Sharing my story keeps me sober. Now that’s a great deal! For fun and for free!"

Daniella Park is a wife, sales expert, business owner, marketer, speaker, blogger, recovery advocate, top achiever at Coast to Coast Computer Products Inc., and the creator of recovery 12 step store and clothing brand “Doing It Sober.” Growing up in Hollywood, Daniella worked as a stunt woman, stand in, producer, manager, and former Vice President of “legendary star maker” Jay Bernstein Productions.

Topics discussed:

~What was your final rock bottom?

~Growing up in Hollywood.

~What role did AA help you in your recovery?

~Giving back by helping others.

~Health issues pending from years of drug and alcohol abuse.

~Does addiction discriminate?

~What life is like now in long term recovery.


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