Respect Your Health

Respect Your Health

Posted by Jennifer Stewart on 16th Nov 2016

Respect your Health.

Written by j. stewart

‘It is health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver’

- Mahatma Gandhi

It’s clear to me that the issues that surface in our lives, or minds lead us into addiction, simply to numb that pain. Purely coping mechanism. Like fitness or work – it’s nothing but a void filler to escape from our deepest pains.

What about when our addiction begins to ‘aid’ us superficially?

I know, for me; on a personal level – my drug abuse lead to a realization of how easy it was to keep the weight off – easy, peezy lemon queezy! Not only this but the ‘confidence’ the drugs gave me in social situations.

Although I do express an extremely happy and positive vibe and am quite outgoing in a sense – I have found since being sober – I may not only have been covering up my deepest pains from the past by taking drugs but also escaping from dealing with the strong possibility of social anxiety.

Nowadays, I try and challenge myself in these situations, I can feel myself becoming anxious, nervous and fidgety when I am in social situations while sober – I really can, I can feel it in every part of my body.

Yet I push through- without pushing myself to a point where I feel I can’t handle it or I’m going to have a panic attack – I feel my anxiety rise, and I let it be; I breathe through it and each and every time I do this, I feel more confident

As corny as it may sound …

– I’m training my sober mind to accept the butterflies – they’re ok!

Embrace your emotions – work with them, get to know them J

Don’t worry too much about your weight – focus on health rather than size!

I guarantee you that mentality will work a whole lot more than using yourself to a strict gym regime & diet.

Eat well, avoid processed foods, drink plenty or water, ditch the fizzy and indulge in the freshness.

Make your exercise fun- learn to surf, play some tennis with your friends, and walk to the shops instead of driving!

Fuck laziness; seek the energy you had as a child!

Respect your bodies’ need for rest – it too, needs to rejuvenate- let it do this for you!

Make the most of the sunshine, vitamin D is essential!

Last but certainly not least – remember to take time out for YOU.

Spoil yourself with peace


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