The Do's And The Don'ts While In Rehab

The Do's And The Don'ts While In Rehab

Posted by Stephanie Snyder - Author/Writer on 18th Nov 2020


Substance use disorder affects millions of people around the globe. Thankfully, every year countless individuals take the steps needed to break free from their addiction and improve their quality of life.

Everyone who has gone through detox and drug rehabilitation has had their struggle. It is not the same experience for the mother of four battling prescription drug addiction for a 22-year-old college student struggling with methamphetamines or alcohol.

Everyone’s experience is unique. However, there are some general do’s and don’ts to consider when going through the rehabilitation process.

Don’t See Rehab As the End of the Journey

When a person completes rehab, they have done a remarkable thing. However, it is just the start of the journey. When a person emerges from rehab, they will come out different. However, the world around them has not changed.

This means they are going to face the same stresses and the same triggers to use drugs again. To make a success of rehab, you must always be on guard.

Once rehab is complete, develop new hobbies, embrace healthier eating, and improve your physical fitness.

Do stick close to your sponsor. They will help you by giving you a support system, especially if you face difficult circumstances that could trigger a relapse.

Don’t expect that things are going to get more manageable when you leave rehab. Many former addicts can tell you that instead of getting more comfortable, things get more challenging. There are additional stresses. Old friends will want to entice you back into your former pattern of life.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking when you can use drugs just one time after you have completed rehab under pressure. If you do, you might increase the chances of you having a relapse. Since you have gone months without drugs, you might overdose.

Making the Most of the Rehabilitation Facility

Whether you are visiting a standard rehabilitation facility or getting better at a luxury rehab facility, the attitude you have toward the place you are in, and the people around you will make all the difference.

Don’t give up. You may feel frustrated at first. However, you can learn to trust the process, trust the people around you, and feel comfortable in the rehab facility.

Don’t think you can do it on your own. Society makes people believe addiction is a moral failing. They see addiction as a sign that a person is weak. You might hear ideas like, if only you had a stronger will, you could break free. Nothing is farther from the truth. Addiction is a disease. Similarly, a diabetic, cancer sufferer or multiple sclerosis patients needs medical care, so do you. Accept the help.

Do stay present. Anxiety can be a struggle as you go through rehab. Your mind can wander and cause you can to think about past regrets or future decisions. Now is not the time for all of that. Now is the time to enjoy the facility’s safe surroundings, and professional care is provided. Now is the time for you to focus on healing.

Packing for Rehabilitation

Figuring out what to pack for rehab can seem daunting. Don’t let it overwhelm you.

Do pack a journal and photos of the people you love. This will help you keep your mind positive as you go through the treatment process. As your mind clears, you may feel a rush of emotions. For many people, having a pen and paper in hand helps them make sense of their feelings.

Do pack makeup and other toiletries. You might not feel like getting dressed up before you enter rehab. However, as you go through the process, your self-esteem and self-worth increase. You will want to look better than you did when you arrived.

Don’t delay going because you feel you have nothing to wear clothing and other things you can purchase later. However, rehab is a unique opportunity to save your life literally.

The decision to make positive choices during recovery will impact what the recovery process can do for you. Do choose to smile with dignity. Do stick to rehab regardless of how difficult it becomes. Don’t give up. With time, energy, and effort, you will live a life free of substance abuse.


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