Posted by Jennifer Stewart - Sober In Six on 15th Sep 2016

by Jennifer Stewart



This photo is pretty self explanatory right.

The story behind it is a little more complex.

The words “She believed she could, so she did” were

tattooed on back in January – the first initial attempt at


The Roman numeral sequence beneath it resembles the set in stone date of the sobriety.

Its strange how, looking back when the initial part of

the tattoo was done – perhaps subconsciously – knew it wasn’t

the time to get the date just yet.

And when I say ‘set in stone’ ... never say never right? Now,

don’t panic, I have no doubt in my mind I will remain sober;

I just don’t believe in creating false hope, which

consequently leads to disappoint.

I know I will remain this way – because I enjoy it; life is

beautiful, more beautiful than it has ever been.

We make our own choices, and back then, those were the

choices I made; and now this is the choice I make.

I believe relapse is an important part of recovery at some

stage; so you, yourself can feel the real disappoint, feel the

guilt you truly, 100% yourself have created entirely on your



Relapse gives you that opportunity to understand how vital

even one day sober really is. All it takes is one fuck up – and

you’re back to square one. & regardless on the sobriety

time- even that one time; that one single fuck up – has you

feeling true self disappointment.

On the bright side, it gives you a true sense of what

achievements really are in the addiction world.

It gives you a sense of drive, to do better.

Even if you relapse again > those feelings will only get stronger.

And when you’re ready; you’ll be ready.

But don’t treat your relapse as a set back & fall into another

rut; treat it as a hiccup – has it happened? Yes.

So, get over it, breathe & start again.


One day at a time.


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