Podcast Episode 2 - Jaime T Hype Girl Healing

Podcast Episode 2 - Jaime T Hype Girl Healing

Posted by Daniella Park on 25th Dec 2019

Jaime T. Sobriety date: 1/1/2017

Started a New Year's cleanse back in 2017, that eliminated certain foods along with alcohol. I need to hit the re-set button after a season of indulgences (really, an entire year). Somewhere around day 75-80, something clicked. The urge to want to drink had faded, and my life had become one I only thought possible in a daydream: eating healthier, working out regularly, more money in the bank, beautiful sleep, goals achieved, stronger body, clearer mind, connection to something bigger than me (and actually listening this time)....and so, when I would normally reward myself for achieving the allotted amount of time for a cleanse with a solid glass of red wine (or 3, or 4, or more), I decided I felt too good to pick up a drink on day 91. And have since made that my marker every day moving forward: I feel too good today to pick up a drink. Here we are, almost 3 years sober, to the day!

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